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BARNALAB LIOFILIZADOS is a company with extensive experience in freeze drying. con In our specialized center located in Barcelona city, we offer exclusive solutions for companies from Spain and worldwide devoted to freeze drying.

Freeze dried food, a great taste experience

We respond to the growing interest for freeze drying food due the requirements from the costumers in health and taste. Nothing tastes like strawberry like the strawberry itself. Freeze dried products maintain all the natural taste due to a soft freeze drying process.

Freeze drying is a process which involves physical changes (no chemical). The process consists in extracting the product water preserving its molecular structure, in this way, it conserves its proteins and organoleptic characteristics (taste and texture). The experience of eating freeze dried food is surprising because of its intense taste and the instantaneous rehydration of the food in the mouth.

Freeze dried, 
premium natural quality

Many companies dedicated to food have realized the advantages of the freeze drying process and they rely in us to give them service. From BARNALAB, as freeze drying experts, we have the necessary freeze drying equipment for an optimal processing. In our facilities we receive the fresh or frozen product with the maximum guarantees. The product is frozen at ultra-low temperature chambers and then freeze dried.

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“The superior quality of our freeze dried products is distinguished by its taste and its nutrients conservation. Due to our careful freeze drying process the food becomes a delicious snack or long-life food ingredients.”

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