BARNALAB LIOFILIZADOS, a leading company in the freeze-drying of food, ingredients and natural products, has made an investment of 2 million euros in freeze-drying technology during the year 2023. This has allowed us to double our production capacity and expand our offer of freeze-drying products and services to third parties.

The investment is focused on the acquisition of new freeze dryers, as well as on the improvement of existing facilities and the development of new freeze drying technologies, with the aim of offering the most innovative and sustainable solutions on the market.

In the words of María Isabel Caballero, Managing Director of BARNALAB:

“We are committed to the development of freeze-drying as a leading technology in the processing of food, ingredients and natural products. This investment will enable us to meet the growing demand for freeze-dried products and remain a leader in the industry.

The commitment to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, process automation and new applications for freeze-drying reaffirms BARNALAB’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

The latest smart industry technologies enable us to optimise processes, increase efficiency and deliver value to our customers

Freeze-drying is a dehydration process that allows food and natural products to be preserved for long periods of time without altering their nutritional properties. It is an increasingly popular technology in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as it allows high quality products with a long shelf life to be offered. In this link we explain what freeze-drying is and what processes it involves.

Barnalab freeze-dryer for freeze-drying foodstuffs.

BARNALAB uses the latest advances in freeze-drying to ensure that freeze-dried products are of the highest quality. The company has a team of freeze-drying experts who are dedicated to providing customers with the best possible, à la carte and fully customised solution.

BARNALAB freeze-dried products are used in a wide range of applications:

  • Food industry: BARNALAB’s freeze-dried products are applied to many food products, including energy bars, snacks, beverages, soups and ready meals.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: We freeze-dry pharmaceutical products such as dietary supplements, medicines and vaccines.
  • Cosmetics industry: Creams, lotions, serums and masks are some of the cosmetics that are freeze-dried in BARNALAB’s facilities.
Intelligent technology applied to freeze-drying methods

We are currently using intelligent development for the optimisation of freeze-drying systems. This technology allows us to improve the competitiveness, efficiency and sustainability of our processes.

Smart development is based on the use of algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse large amounts of data. In the case of BARNALAB, this technology is being used to optimise freeze-drying process parameters such as temperature, pressure and drying time.

Thanks to intelligent development, we have managed to reduce energy and water consumption. In addition, the company has improved the quality of the products we freeze-dry, maintaining the original nutrients and texture.

For Manuel Garrote, technical director of BARNALAB:

“We are committed to sustainable development as it allows us to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our processes, as well as the quality of our products. We are convinced that this technology has the potential to revolutionise the industry, making it more efficient, sustainable and profitable”.

These are some of the specific benefits of using intelligent development in freeze-drying:

  • Reduction of energy and water consumption.
  • Improving product quality.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Cost reduction.

The company is currently working on the development of new applications for freeze-drying, with the aim of making the advantages of this preservation method available to a greater number of industries.

Experts in freeze-drying for third parties

Do you want to freeze-dryyour product?

BARNALAB is a leading company in the freeze-drying of bulk products, specialised in freeze-drying food, ingredients and natural products. The company is located in Moncada y Reixach, Barcelona, and has more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Freeze-drying of food, ingredients and natural products

We offer a wide range of freeze-drying services, including:

  • Freeze-drying of foodstuffs: Fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy, confectionery, etc.
  • Freeze-drying of ingredients: We cover a wide variety of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, plant extracts and proteins.
  • Freeze-drying of natural products: probiotics, enzymes, dietary supplements and cosmetic products.