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Freeze drying solutions for the food industry

Does your freeze dried product convinces you, but now is not the best moment to invest in freeze drying equipment?

Does this year sales exceed your production capacity?

We are freeze drying experts

In our facilities we receive the fresh or frozen product with the maximum guarantees. We first freeze the product in ultra low temperature chambers and then we start with the freeze drying process. We deliver the final freeze dried product vacuum packed, heat-sealed or in protective atmosphere, according to the product characteristics. Our service is agile and effective. You send us the product and we take care of the rest. Freeze-dried food is becoming increasingly popular between consumers and there are deifferent types of foods that can be freeze dried:

Freeze dried Vegetables · Freeze dried macro and micro Algae · Freeze dried Probiotics · Freeze dried Extracts · Freeze dried Herbs and Spices · Freeze dried Fruit · Freeze dried Coffee and much more

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Schematic diagram of the freeze-drying process of foodstuffs.

Industries for which we freeze-dry

Vegetable Extracts

Pigments & Polymers


Cultures & Probiotics


Food Additives


Flood Damage Document Recovery

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“You send us the product,
and we take care of the rest”